Tuition & Fees

Registration Fee:
(New Student Only)
150,000 THB
Refundable Deposit:
(New Student Only)
30,000 THB
Campus Development Fee:

Option 1 - One-time payment of
150,000 THB

Option 2 - Annual recurring of
payment (non-refundable)
20,000 THB


Tuition fees per semester* for academic year 2020 - 2021: 


Nursery 1-2
Tuition Fee
175,000 THB
Kindergarten 1-2
Tuition Fee
200,000 THB
Grades 1-5
Tuition Fee
265,000 THB
Grades 6-8
Tuition Fee
306,000 THB
Grades 9-12
Tuition Fee
336,500 THB


*There are two semesters per academic year. 


 Boarding (Dormitory) Fees

  • Separate boys and girls boarding  is available at ASB Green Valley Campus for children aged 6 and above.
  • The boarding fees for the academic year 2020-2021 are as follows:
    • 152,000 Thai Baht per semester (grades 1-5)
    • 161,500 Thai Baht per semester (grades 6-12)
    • Fees include 3 meals, and 2 snacks per day.

 ELL Fees

  • The ELL program fees for the academic 2020-2021 academic year are as follows.
    • 51,000 Thai Baht per semester (grades 1-5)
    • 52,500 Thai Baht (for grades 6-8)
    • 55,000 Thai Baht (grades 9-12)
Payment Policies
  • New students are required to pay the Registration fee, Refundable Deposit, and Campus Development Fee upon enrollment into The American School of Bangkok.
  • Tuition fee is inclusive of accident insurance, book rental, notebooks, and field trips within the city of the school area only.
  • Tuition fee includes meals and snacks for all grade levels.
  • Kindergarten 2 students are required to pay an additional 3,000 Baht graduation fee.
  • Grade 12 students are required to pay an additional 10,000 Baht graduation fee (this is inclusive of the graduation ring).
  • ELL Programs & After - School Tutorial programs are available at an additional cost.
  • Transportation is available at an additional cost. The fees are  assessed and based upon the distance between home and the school.​
Payment Methods
  • All fees must be paid in full before a student may begin school. The registration fee is a one-time fee for each student enrolled. The tuition fee and transportation fee may be paid per semester or per year. Invoices are sent in advance of the new semester. Payment must be made by the deadline stated on the invoice.
  • Payment can be made either by cashier cheque made payable to The American School of Bangkok; bank transfer; or by credit card (Preferably VISA or Mastercard - credit card payments incur a  2.5% additional charge). Please contact the Finance offices for additional details.
  • Overdue payment will be subject to a fine of 400 Thai Baht per day, unless prior arrangements have been made with the finance office.
  • A written notice of 30 days prior to formal withdrawal is required.
  • All fees (except for the refundable deposit, and 150 000 baht option of the campus development fund) are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • All fees are subject to change without prior notice.
Additional Enquiries

For additional enquiries please contact our Head of Admissions:

Mr. Martin Grand

Phone: 66 (0) 2312 5660-2 Ext. 231

Email: [email protected]