Here at ASBGV, we have our own in-house catering team which operates the school cafeteria, kiosks and cafés on campus. ASB offers a full service  canteen for its students.  Asian, western , Halal , vegetarian and special diets selections are available daily. Our catering team provides freshly prepared meals  in our kitchen from selected quality ingredients, avoiding processed Foods that are high in preservatives, Salt, MSG and additives.

Our early years, kindergarten students have a set menu prepared by our staff. They eat lunch with their teacher, assistant, and nanny to ensure they are safe and finish their meals.

Grade 1 students can choose from several menus the week before. They are also supervised while eating.

Grade 2-12 will enjoy a buffet style lunch that offers a variety of different food.

Our cafeteria offers pasta, vegetables, proteins ,Thai Staples, soup,noodles, as well as ,a salad bar and fruit buffet.

We also offer vegetarian dishes, as well as halal food. We can also accommodate any student with specific dietary needs.