Deep Environmental Education Program (DEEP)

About the program

DEEP is a long-term, immersive marine science program for 6th to 12th graders that combines a rigorous interdisciplinary science curriculum, hands-on learning, and confidence-building scuba training to unlock students’ natural curiosity and passion for the ocean.

As part of DEEP, students receive real-life experiences in marine research and scientific diving. These place-based learning opportunities provide a window into the careers of marine scientists, technicians, and field researchers. Students will practice critical thinking and data analysis which together introduce them to the process of asking questions, defining problems, and carrying out investigations into real-world settings.

In the classroom, students begin by investigating the seven principles of Ocean Literacy. These fundamental concepts will provide the backbone to understanding how we are connected to the ocean and why it’s so important. Students will then learn about coral reefs and their amazing inhabitants and start to understand the many factors that affect their health. By the time they graduate from the DEEP program, students will have a developed and refined understanding of the marine environment and be well positioned to pursue a career in a number of related fields.

Learning to scuba dive builds confidence, self-esteem, and a passion for marine science. Students receive invaluable insights about themselves and a foundation to continue their paths as divers and ocean ambassadors. They will also have the opportunity to conduct underwater surveys, explore shipwrecks, study coral seeding, and become an underwater naturalist and photographer.