The American School of Bangkok’s Green Valley Campus (ASBGV) is a Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 International school that offers an American curriculum with a dynamic international perspective. ASBGV’s curriculum is based on Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards and is geared towards preparing students to become informed citizens, self-motivated thinkers, and competent presenters of their knowledge and discoveries. Students are encouraged to read, write, research, conduct experiments, and create visual projects. The mentors for these programs are licensed professionals, specifically trained in their field of knowledge.

ASBGV’s learning methodologies are based on the best practices of American and International pedagogy, providing a broad and balanced education with the required specialization and experiences in later years. Students are challenged daily with a comprehensive variety of core academic courses typically found in a rigorous American curriculum, including social studies, science, math and language arts. In order to further equip students for the future, ASBGV offers a wide selection of elective courses that supplement and align with students’ majors and career choices which include business, entrepreneurship, marketing, economics, foreign languages, music, art, drama, robotics, and technology, just to name a few. 

Technology is heavily integrated into all courses, adding a modern and cutting-edge educational dimension to the ASB learning experience. ASBGV provides students with research and study centers for full on-line access to research resources, learning tools and support. These centers encourage students to become self–directed and independent learners.